Hi, I’m Mary Nougher, owner of Reiki to You and Mangata Massage. 

After a big career change in 2014 from an administrative background, I feel like I’ve “come home” to working in this incredible field.  I absolutely love what I do, and it is so rewarding to see the changes in clients after they receive massage, Reiki, or thought field therapy.  It always makes me smile (and do a little happy dance!) when clients say “wow, my pain has gone!”

I commenced my Reiki journey in 2014, studying Reiki 1 without even really knowing what Reiki was, I just knew I wanted it in my life! I completed Reiki 2 in late 2014 and I realised it provided incredible benefits to my personal life in terms of clarity as to who I was both in terms of my own self, as a mother and partner and in my work as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. For a few years, I didn’t have much confidence in using Reiki on its own (where were those tangible results from my old administration days?!) but I always integrated it with my massage treatments and clients would often comment that it was a “different” style of massage, they felt calmer or just more at peace; untangled after their treatments.

In 2018, I started gaining more confidence with Reiki as a standalone modality after receiving incredible feedback from some of my clients, stating that nothing relieved their chronic pain more than my treatments and that they felt so “clean” and refreshed after experiencing Reiki. It was at this time I decided to further my Reiki training to become a Reiki Master, which was not only a period of great personal growth but also enables me to now teach this beautiful energy healing technique.

In addition to Reiki, I am a qualified massage therapist and often incorporate hot stones, dynamic cupping and manual lymphatic drainage into my treatments. These treatments all team up well with Reiki in a holistic treatment to resolve physical pain and stress.

I am also a qualified thought field therapy practitioner.

I look forward to meeting you soon!