Learning Reiki is a beautiful, self healing journey consisting of three levels.

Reiki Level 1 – Reiki First Degree or Shoden is the foundation level. It is an initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone (I didn’t even really know what Reiki was when I first decided to learn it, I just “knew” that I wanted it in my life!)

You don’t need any special knowledge, spirituality, equipment, or even “hippie clothing” to learn Reiki – just the desire to create positive changes and greater balance and clarity in your life.

The course includes an overview of the history of Reiki, experiencing the “feel of energy”, learning hand placements on the body to perform Reiki and self and group practice.

There are 4 attunements in Level 1 which allow you to be “initiated” into the energy of Reiki. We all have the ability to perform Reiki, but the attunements or initiations open the energy channels allowing you, as the practitioner, to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the universe through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.

The course is completed over 2 days (10-12 hours) and the certificate at the completion of the course allows you to practice Reiki on yourself, and your family, friends and pets. 

Reiki Level 2, the Second Degree or Okuden can be learned 3 months after your initiation into Level 1 (allowing the energy from the Level 1 attunements to integrate).

In Reiki 2, students receive a further Reiki attunement and the first 3 Reiki symbols that allow the practitioner to connect more deeply to the universal energy, as well as draw on the qualities that the symbols represent. You also learn how to provide distance Reiki, sending healing energy to individuals wherever they may be.

The course is completed over 2 days (10-12 hours). At the completion of the course and receipt of your certificate you are considered to be a Reiki Practitioner and may charge to provide Reiki healing to others.

Reiki Level 3/Reiki Master – Shinpiden. This course is separated into two parts. The first, Reiki 3 teaches you the final two “major” Reiki symbols and can be taught on its own or as the transition into the journey of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki Master introduces you to all the symbols and allows you to experience the power of each, as you learn the process to attune students at each level as well as ultimately receiving your Master attunement. This is a very powerful period of self growth and learning.
You will need to have at least 12 months experience at Level 2 before commencing Level 3. The course is run over a period of time allowing each symbol to be shown and experienced individually.

Please contact Mary on 0418 575 840 for details on upcoming Reiki workshops in Canberra.